This site actually began as an attempt to take Chatroulette and turn it into a Facebook app, and then add some other things to it like games etc. However, from the looks of it, this idea didn’t work out, and Chatville morphed into something entirely different. It would seem that the attention it initially got as a Facebook-friendly Chatroulette helped it to obtain a lot of users though, so maybe all wasn’t for naught! But anyway, when I say it turned into something completely different, I’m serious. It no longer even has a roulette video chat option, if you can believe that. Instead, it has put together a flash-based browser-based application and community, which I will discuss further in a moment. I just think it’s crazy how quickly a site can do a 180 and then making things end up working out, it’s nuts!

In any case, let’s discuss features. What Chatville has done with their new application is allow you to register (if you desire, not required), and then log in to this sort of live community. Once you’re in, you see the option to check out multiple rooms, packed with about 200 people a piece. When you enter a room, you see a list of all the users present, and a little icon that denotes whether or not they are streaming a live webcam feed. You will also see a number next to each user which indicates how many people are currently watching that stream. This allows you to immediately figure out which feeds are the most popular, and check them out if you don’t mind being a follower. You can view as many as four of these feeds of “shows” at once, and you have the ability to start your own. Visit the site at