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In the roulette live streaming video chat world, Chatrandom has recently ascended to greatness. It now is pretty much in direct competition with the big boys, Chatroulette and Omegle, and it’s actually gaining on them, slowly but surely. The craziest part about it is they entered the game pretty late compared to most other imitators. A combination of smart marketing and adding new chat room options into the mix seems to have propelled them up to their current #3 or so position, at least popularity-wise. This, of course, is huge, because once a site like this obtains what I like to term a “critical mass” of users, the sky is the limit as to growth. The reason for this is as with any chat site, the number of users has a direct effect upon the experience visitors have and how much they like the site, which then of course has a direct effect upon whether they will come back again, tell their friends, about it, and so on.

In terms of the extra features Chatrandom has on top of the usual random webcam chat, it has a couple more options to choose from. First, it has one it calls “Chat Rooms”. This option leads to a flash-based software application where you can enter different rooms, typically limited to 200 people each, and can view lots of different people on their webcams all at the same time, show your own live feed, have private video calls, or just text chat, all to your heart’s content. There are a lot of other features too, but that’s the general idea, so let’s move on the the next option available. The next option is called “Multi Chat”. This option seems to be more focused on putting on a show more than the ability to have private conversations and what not. You can see how many people are viewing each live video feed, and shift between different rooms. You can of course also put on your own show, and attempt to gain a lot of viewers, etc. A cool part of this chat option is you can watch as many as four different live video streams at the same time. So, if you like what you hear check out Chatrandom at