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┬áThis is a newer video roulette site as far as I know. By the time I found it (somewhat recently), it was already established enough to have a good-sized following and a lot of users online. It had a little bit of a non-aesthetically pleasing layout style going on up until just a short time ago when they redid it and now it looks very nice and professional. Based on Alexa traffic statistics, it would seem that it’s biggest visitor location is the United States, which I found kind of surprising because so few random chat sites have a large US concentration this way, usually you see some other international country with the lead. Anyway, it seems to be holding relatively steady visitors-wise, which isn’t really an issue because it has enough users online at any time of day to support its chat offerings without allowing things to get dull or keep running into the same person over and over.

With regards to features, Streamberry offers two main options. The first is your typical random webcam chat, just like what you would see with Chatroulette, and as I previously noted there are plenty of users online, although the exact number is not listed. The second, which adds a little extra zing to the site, if you will, is sort of a group live streaming video chat rooms deal, where you go in to different rooms that are packed with a maximum of say 200 people. Once in the room you can see a listing of everyone there, and then next to their usernames you can see how many people are viewing their cam feed. Basically, this seems to be more of a “show” format where people concentrate on getting as many viewers as possible, rather than private chat sessions. You can watch as many as 4 different streams at once if you want, and of course you can create your own. To check out Streamberry, head on over to