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¬†Out of all the available roulette chat sites I would say iMeetzu has the most to offer overall. They are one of the older sites, since they came out after Omegle and before Chatroulette, starting out as text-only and then adding more and more features from there. They always have several hundred users online, but they have yet to ascend to the level of the other major sites. I feel like it is only a matter of time before they do, because of what they offer, but only time will tell. In a nutshell they provide random one-on-one webcam chat and text chatting, group video chatting, and an entire social network. That last one probably took you the most by surprise, I’ll get into it more in a second.

The text chat feature can be utilized not only through the normal website, but also through free Android and iPhone apps, so that’s pretty cool. The only other random chat option that has an app as far as I’m aware is Omegle, and I believe it’s only for the iPhone. The iMeetzu iPhone app also lets you login to the social network and check messages, etc., but I think the Android one doesn’t have that additional feature set yet. With regards to the live webcam roulette chat option, it’s pretty ordinary in comparison to most sites. It gets the job done, and has plenty of users online to keep things interesting. As for the group video chat room, it’s running on some pretty cool software and has lots of little features built in such as animated emoticons and other cool bells and whistles, you really have to check it out to understand. And, finally, the social network is just plain awesome. It has a feed of recent activity for the entire site, shows you profile pictures for all the recently active users, allows you to have friends, has a built-in instant messenger similar to Facebook’s, and just has a lot of other really cool and unique qualities. Remember, this is a social network composed of people who love random chatting, so you tend to meet much more entertaining people here than you would anywhere else. Because of this, a really cool community has been established, and you should definitely check it out! You can visit iMeetzu at