Omegle like Random Chat Site: RandomSkip

Hello everyone, long time no see! Today, I’d like to talk about a really cool website that is a super great alternative to Omegle. Now, don’t get me wrong, Omegle is an amazing service and will always be one of the best places to have a random chat conversation. However, as far as the text-only version goes, it is actually kind of lacking. One of the main problems with that version is that you can’t send images back and forth with your new friends! This can be super annoying, because you have to go and upload a picture to another website and then paste the link in the chat instead of being able to just add the photo right in. This is where Random Skip comes in! They have the best random text chat service I’ve ever found, and they let you put images right on in the discussion, woohoo! I will get into more detail about this as well, but if you’ve already heard enough feel free to head right on over to the Omegle like random stranger chat page of their website.

Okay, now lets get into a little more detail. Basically, what RandomSkip has done is they’ve taken care of a longstanding problem that has existed with most of these one-on-one text-only chat session services. The lack of image sharing makes any conversation much more boring, and much less enticing. Not being able to visualize a face that goes with the words being sent to you just isn’t as appealing. At first, the mystery may be somewhat intriguing, but, if things go well and you start to find your new friend to be a truly worthwhile conversationalist, or maybe more, you are really going to want to see what they look like! And, at the very least, you will probably both find yourselves wanting to send pictures back and forth to embellish the discussions you’re having, whether they are travel photos or internet memes, the possibilities are endless! I don’t think you really need me to say much more about the importance of this feature, it basically sells itself. Whatever, you do, make sure you go give it a try!

And, I haven’t even covered all the features yet! Another super important feature they’ve added is smiles (emoticons). Pretty awesome right? Now you can finally attach some emotion to that regular text message, and hopefully have a better shot of conveying the tone you meant to convey. It’s always super annoying when someone doesn’t understand that you’re joking in a message, and takes what you said the wrong way! This is why emotes are sooooo important in this day and age! Alright guys, I think that about covers it for now, happy chatting!