┬áThis is a site that has quite a few different options available in terms of ways to chat and things to do. It’s slightly newer than it’s affiliate Chatrandom, which I believe is owned by the same people. The reason I think this is that they both used to have basically the exact same layout and it literally said on the Funyo site for a while that it was pulling software from the Chatrandom site, so yea, seems like a pretty obvious connection there. Anyway, Funyo has a decent following, which is backed up by it’s Alexa ranking in the 50k range. No matter what section of the site you go to, you will find a large enough number of people there to keep things interesting, or in other words, keep any particular section from becoming a ghost town. This, of course, is one of the most important things when you look at any chat site – there have to be plenty of people to chat with!

As for the features, Funyo offers a few different choices. First, you have the usual live streaming roulette video chat . In case for some reason you don’t know what that entails, you get connected one-on-one with another person completely at random, and then you have the option of staying and talking to them or clicking “next” and skipping on to the next random person you get connected with. And, you literally never know who or what you may encounter. Next, they have a group webcam chat option where chat rooms are divided up by locality. It looks as though most of the local chat rooms are empty, but there is always at least one general room that has plenty of users online. Thirdly, they have another sort of group cam room app but it is more about putting on a show than it is about actually chatting as far as I can see. And finally, they have a social network, which seems to be an attempt to copy iMeetzu. Although this last idea may be promising in the future, it looks like currently they just don’t have enough people using it. You can find Funyo at