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┬áThis site really pushed the random chat niche into the forefront with it’s roulette webcam format. Although it doesn’t get credit for coming up with the concept of random stranger one-on-one chatting in the first place (that goes to Omegle), it still deserves a TON of credit for the attention it brought to the category, and the subsequent massive boost in popularity all the sites in the niche received. You see, Chatroulette made the important jump from text-only to video, and the significance of that simply cannot be overstated, it was HUGE. Ask anyone, and the majority will say video chatting is more entertaining than text-only communication, it’s a no-brainer! Anyway, Chatroulette went viral because of the addition of live cam streams, and it was picked up by media outlets all over the globe, propelling it to instant poularity.

Nowadays the website isn’t quite as popular as it was in its heyday, but it still gets millions of visitors a month so…it’s definitely not a failure. Plus, it’s current numbers are holding steady, just as they have since the initial attention wore off, so don’t expect Chatroulette to be going away any time soon! That being said, it really hasn’t changed a whole lot since the beginning with everything said and done. While trying to combat the male genitalia problem the site has been through numerous renditions before basically reverting back to where it began, with one major caveat though. Now, you have to be logged in in order to use the site. Nobody can see who you are or anything, but you still have to have an account. My guess is this was done to make banning people a more effective means of moderation, because now they have to recreate accounts over and over which is more of a hassle maybe than before, where they could just change their IP address. But yea, you can check out Chatroulette at