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Sites Like Omegle

The one thing I think we can all agree on about Omegle is that it is straight up awesome! But, that doesn’t change the fact that we still want to know if there are any other similar sites out there to help satisfy that incessant urge for constant change many of us impatient internet users tend to have. This being the case, we thought it prudent to create a nice high quality list of all the best sites like Omegle available among the interwebs, and that is exactly what we have done. Random chatting is awesome, whether via text only or via video, and this list should help you make the most of such awesomeness more so than you were before, or at least that’s what we’re going for. Anyway, check it yo:

1. iMeetzuOur Review

This is our top pick, because the site is quite cool. First iMeetzu has a text only chat option, which makes it the only other site we know of besides Omegle to have a popular text option. Second, it has the expected video roulette chat option. Third, it has an extra group chat room functionality, which includes webcam chatting capabilities. And last but not least, it has a social network dedicated to meeting strangers all over the world! Check it out!

2. Chatroulette – Our Review

This is actually the site that made random video chat the popular activity it is today. It garnered headlines all around the world, and remains hugely popular.

3. Chatrandom – Our Review

This popular site is more than just a roulette cam chat site, it also has group chat rooms and a feature called multi chat – give them a visit!

4. Camzap – Our Review

The main function of this site has always been a simple random video chat room in the past. However, they have added new unique features as of late.

5. Bazoocam – Our Review

This site doesn’t really have any unique functionality, but it does have a working roulette webcam capability, and its users are primarily from France.

6. Streamberry – Our Review

7. Stickam – Our Review

8. Funyo – Our Review

9. Chatville – Our Review

10. WebcamBam – Our Review

Sites Like Chatroulette

Here at Best Roulette Chat Sites .com, we happen to be pretty big fans of Chatroulette (who would have guessed!). This being the case, we naturally are interested in whatever other options there are out there that are in any way similar to this champion of a site. This, of course, has led us on a search to the ends of the internets, and in so doing, allowed us to compile the premier list of sites like Chatroulette. Yes, our list is the best, and we give you them in order of best to worst as well, so you won’t end up at some crappy site by checking out our first recommendation, which tends to be the case with a lot of these automated “sites like” type websites. Ours is legit! Anyway, here’s the random video chat site list:

1. iMeetzu – Review

This site gets our top spot because it has such a wide variety of features! Whether you want to random text chat, random video chat, group webcam chat, or join a stranger social network, iMeetzu has you covered!

2. Chatrandom – Review

Chatrandom is a great popular roulette video chat option with extra features including group chat rooms and multi chat.

3. Omegle – Review

Arguably the first ever random chat style of site, Omegle boasts a vast user base and great features such as text, video, interests, and “spy mode” options.

4. Bazoocam – Review

If you are from France, this could be your roulette cam chat spot – that is their top user base location.

5. Camzap – Review

A great random video chat site, Camzap also brings their own extra feature set into the mix involving a registration system and more.

6. Stickam – Review

7. Streamberry – Review

8. Chatville – Review

9. Funyo – Review

10. WebcamBam – Review


 This is a site that has quite a few different options available in terms of ways to chat and things to do. It’s slightly newer than it’s affiliate Chatrandom, which I believe is owned by the same people. The reason I think this is that they both used to have basically the exact same layout and it literally said on the Funyo site for a while that it was pulling software from the Chatrandom site, so yea, seems like a pretty obvious connection there. Anyway, Funyo has a decent following, which is backed up by it’s Alexa ranking in the 50k range. No matter what section of the site you go to, you will find a large enough number of people there to keep things interesting, or in other words, keep any particular section from becoming a ghost town. This, of course, is one of the most important things when you look at any chat site – there have to be plenty of people to chat with!

As for the features, Funyo offers a few different choices. First, you have the usual live streaming roulette video chat . In case for some reason you don’t know what that entails, you get connected one-on-one with another person completely at random, and then you have the option of staying and talking to them or clicking “next” and skipping on to the next random person you get connected with. And, you literally never know who or what you may encounter. Next, they have a group webcam chat option where chat rooms are divided up by locality. It looks as though most of the local chat rooms are empty, but there is always at least one general room that has plenty of users online. Thirdly, they have another sort of group cam room app but it is more about putting on a show than it is about actually chatting as far as I can see. And finally, they have a social network, which seems to be an attempt to copy iMeetzu. Although this last idea may be promising in the future, it looks like currently they just don’t have enough people using it. You can find Funyo at


 Bazoocam is as much of a Chatroulette imitator as a site can be, but it does have a differentiator unrelated to the features of the site. What is it? Well, despite the fact that the site name doesn’t really sound French (at least not to me), the site has a focus on France-based users. And not only does it have this focus, but it has successfully executed upon this focus, while also seemingly attracting a large following from Italian users as well. I’m not sure if it’s normal for visitors from France and Italy to congregate on the same websites, or if this is just some RANDOM (pun totally intended :p) phenomenon, but, it is what it is. My guess would be there are similarities between the languages or something, but I honestly haven’t a clue, so I’ll stop making conjectures. Anyway, the point is, if you’re looking to brush up on your French or Italian, this site is the place for you, and it’s actually quite popular. I actually had forgotten how popular it was until I started writing this, it has a very good Alexa rank.

In terms of features, as I noted at the beginning it is as much of a Chatroulette imitator as there ever was. I don’t really see any distinctive features on it anywhere, nothing that really makes it unique or different from any ordinary roulette webcam chat service. So, I guess really it’s the user base that makes it different and that’s about it. Well, then again, I guess I should note that the current version of Chatroulette requires you to register, and Bazoocam does not, so if you’re looking for an alternative that doesn’t require you to register in order to start next-ing away, this is definitely an option. Alright, that about does it, the URL for Bazoocam is actually a little odd, it’s www.bazoocam.orgnote the .org.


Stickam is a live video streaming website where users have their own “channels” where they can have scheduled shows or just kind of log on whenever. Many users build up a following, and those who subscribe to them are notified when the person who they subscribed to comes online, so that the subscribers can also come online and join the channel. This leads to a lot of the same familiar faces showing up in the same channels, and helps foster a close-knit community, or maybe a bunch of close-knit micro-communities within the site. You can also add users as friends, and you get a public profile where you can add pictures, describe yourself, and so on. Furthermore, you have the ability to search for people nearby, and you can easily see all the channels that are currently live at any time of the day, and there are always people live!

With regards to random roulette webcam chat capabilities, Stickam actually does offer this through an app they call Stickam Shuffle. This is actually a very unique offering because they are VERY strict about avoiding any nudity, and you have to be registered and logged in to use it. This actually allows it be basically the only site that has a mostly nudity-free roulette video chat offering, which is quite amazing really. However, when you add in registration and strict moderation, you can lose users who were looking for that anonymity or total randomness they can no longer get with your app, and as such, Stickam Shuffle hasn’t taken off in the way I’m sure they hoped it would. However, when you put it all together the site as a whole is pretty sweet, so check it out at


This site actually began as an attempt to take Chatroulette and turn it into a Facebook app, and then add some other things to it like games etc. However, from the looks of it, this idea didn’t work out, and Chatville morphed into something entirely different. It would seem that the attention it initially got as a Facebook-friendly Chatroulette helped it to obtain a lot of users though, so maybe all wasn’t for naught! But anyway, when I say it turned into something completely different, I’m serious. It no longer even has a roulette video chat option, if you can believe that. Instead, it has put together a flash-based browser-based application and community, which I will discuss further in a moment. I just think it’s crazy how quickly a site can do a 180 and then making things end up working out, it’s nuts!

In any case, let’s discuss features. What Chatville has done with their new application is allow you to register (if you desire, not required), and then log in to this sort of live community. Once you’re in, you see the option to check out multiple rooms, packed with about 200 people a piece. When you enter a room, you see a list of all the users present, and a little icon that denotes whether or not they are streaming a live webcam feed. You will also see a number next to each user which indicates how many people are currently watching that stream. This allows you to immediately figure out which feeds are the most popular, and check them out if you don’t mind being a follower. You can view as many as four of these feeds of “shows” at once, and you have the ability to start your own. Visit the site at


 This is a newer video roulette site as far as I know. By the time I found it (somewhat recently), it was already established enough to have a good-sized following and a lot of users online. It had a little bit of a non-aesthetically pleasing layout style going on up until just a short time ago when they redid it and now it looks very nice and professional. Based on Alexa traffic statistics, it would seem that it’s biggest visitor location is the United States, which I found kind of surprising because so few random chat sites have a large US concentration this way, usually you see some other international country with the lead. Anyway, it seems to be holding relatively steady visitors-wise, which isn’t really an issue because it has enough users online at any time of day to support its chat offerings without allowing things to get dull or keep running into the same person over and over.

With regards to features, Streamberry offers two main options. The first is your typical random webcam chat, just like what you would see with Chatroulette, and as I previously noted there are plenty of users online, although the exact number is not listed. The second, which adds a little extra zing to the site, if you will, is sort of a group live streaming video chat rooms deal, where you go in to different rooms that are packed with a maximum of say 200 people. Once in the room you can see a listing of everyone there, and then next to their usernames you can see how many people are viewing their cam feed. Basically, this seems to be more of a “show” format where people concentrate on getting as many viewers as possible, rather than private chat sessions. You can watch as many as 4 different streams at once if you want, and of course you can create your own. To check out Streamberry, head on over to


 Out of all the available roulette chat sites I would say iMeetzu has the most to offer overall. They are one of the older sites, since they came out after Omegle and before Chatroulette, starting out as text-only and then adding more and more features from there. They always have several hundred users online, but they have yet to ascend to the level of the other major sites. I feel like it is only a matter of time before they do, because of what they offer, but only time will tell. In a nutshell they provide random one-on-one webcam chat and text chatting, group video chatting, and an entire social network. That last one probably took you the most by surprise, I’ll get into it more in a second.

The text chat feature can be utilized not only through the normal website, but also through free Android and iPhone apps, so that’s pretty cool. The only other random chat option that has an app as far as I’m aware is Omegle, and I believe it’s only for the iPhone. The iMeetzu iPhone app also lets you login to the social network and check messages, etc., but I think the Android one doesn’t have that additional feature set yet. With regards to the live webcam roulette chat option, it’s pretty ordinary in comparison to most sites. It gets the job done, and has plenty of users online to keep things interesting. As for the group video chat room, it’s running on some pretty cool software and has lots of little features built in such as animated emoticons and other cool bells and whistles, you really have to check it out to understand. And, finally, the social network is just plain awesome. It has a feed of recent activity for the entire site, shows you profile pictures for all the recently active users, allows you to have friends, has a built-in instant messenger similar to Facebook’s, and just has a lot of other really cool and unique qualities. Remember, this is a social network composed of people who love random chatting, so you tend to meet much more entertaining people here than you would anywhere else. Because of this, a really cool community has been established, and you should definitely check it out! You can visit iMeetzu at


In the roulette live streaming video chat world, Chatrandom has recently ascended to greatness. It now is pretty much in direct competition with the big boys, Chatroulette and Omegle, and it’s actually gaining on them, slowly but surely. The craziest part about it is they entered the game pretty late compared to most other imitators. A combination of smart marketing and adding new chat room options into the mix seems to have propelled them up to their current #3 or so position, at least popularity-wise. This, of course, is huge, because once a site like this obtains what I like to term a “critical mass” of users, the sky is the limit as to growth. The reason for this is as with any chat site, the number of users has a direct effect upon the experience visitors have and how much they like the site, which then of course has a direct effect upon whether they will come back again, tell their friends, about it, and so on.

In terms of the extra features Chatrandom has on top of the usual random webcam chat, it has a couple more options to choose from. First, it has one it calls “Chat Rooms”. This option leads to a flash-based software application where you can enter different rooms, typically limited to 200 people each, and can view lots of different people on their webcams all at the same time, show your own live feed, have private video calls, or just text chat, all to your heart’s content. There are a lot of other features too, but that’s the general idea, so let’s move on the the next option available. The next option is called “Multi Chat”. This option seems to be more focused on putting on a show more than the ability to have private conversations and what not. You can see how many people are viewing each live video feed, and shift between different rooms. You can of course also put on your own show, and attempt to gain a lot of viewers, etc. A cool part of this chat option is you can watch as many as four different live video streams at the same time. So, if you like what you hear check out Chatrandom at


 So this is actually the site that started it all. Way back on March 25th, 2008, an 18-year-old high school student by the name of Leif K-Brooks founded Omegle, the first (as far as I am aware) true random roulette chat site. No, Chatroulette was NOT first, Omegle was. Many people either don’t know this or simply don’t give Omegle the credit it deserves, so we’ll give it plenty of credit right now! However, the site did not start with a video option, it was strictly text-only, so Chatroulette actually does deserve a lot of credit as well for making the progression to webcams. Similar to Chatroulette, Omegle did actually receive quite a bit of press coverage, and it subsequently went viral, propelling it to huge popularity. However, it didn’t receive attention on the same level as Chatroulette because the addition of video really made a major difference, and, when Omegle added a video option of its own it became more popular than it ever was at any point before – so the emergence of the video roulette functionality really benefited it despite the fact that it had new competition. As of right now, Omegle has not only caught up to Chatroulette, but surpassed it in terms of visitors! Crazy!

So, you might wonder, how is it that Omegle is now beating out the first random live video chat site who garnered all the biggest headlines? Quite frankly, it has more to offer. On top of the normal webcam roulette option, Omegle adds in a text-only option. Then, they take things another step further by allowing users to specify their interests and be connected to someone else with similar interests. This is huge! Rather than having to sift through countless users to find the person who is willing to chat with you about World of Warcraft you can now just type in World of Warcraft and find a match right away. You can brag about your character and possibly get a sweet reaction to boost your ego, hurray! But hold on, the features aren’t done yet. Omegle has yet another sweet option called “spy mode” where you can pose a question and then “spy” on two people as they argue about it! The more ridiculous a question you pose, the more awesome and entertaining the ensuing debate. It’s mad cool. Give them a visit at